Ahhhhhhhhhh its Thursday good or bad

So dear ones today I have just completed this


Even though I am advanced food hygiene certificatied in the UK lol….. love the fact California protects diners and staff with such diligence.

The new menu has rolled out seamlessly in j st.


New look Scoth Egg


Shrimp salad


Loaded skins


Onion bhajis

Well our other new addition at streets is my intern Craig a wee chap delicate and demure (drummer in a punk band and 6’5″ lol) and this was the outcome of our hella hot sauce


Well folks thats about it for now apart from


My new toy a smoker made from a filing cabinet watch this spaceĀ 


What does a Chef do on his morning off

Morning all,
So I’m at work at 2pm for our movie night this week we will be screening laurel and hardy and ali g ….. comedy new and old.


Laundry done and I’ve found a sock I lost, after bleaching my bed linen and whites …… I am a sock killer


Thought I’d make a little pico to go on a banana taco (I know I’m English strange taste lol) ….. this is a little lol


Plus I’ve a hankering for a crumble …. peach and BlackBerry mmmm


Bit of yard work, been given a strip to grow on


Watch this space lol

Right back to the crumble….


Update to follow I hope it comes out well and tasty lol

Swing by streets of London on j street sacramento tonight and have chef marty cook you dinner and John from edible pedal tinker on your bike…. we’ll be there from 7 but food served all day


Eat well ride safe peeps

Adventurer Chef out and about

Good afternoon world.
Well what a week this is going to be and what a weekend it has been.
Sunday explored Nor Cal and ended up


At Folsom prison museam, you have got to check this place out we were enthralled by the mystery the history and the Teutonic shackles and restraints.
But check out the model t club that stopped there.


Ok back to the foodie side new to streets this week is our signature appetizer.


Prawn salad streets style. Sourdough croutons, pico, prawn and brandy infused 1000 island mmmm.

New menu at j street next week totally different the best pub food in sacto to tell the truth I think …… Let you be the judge of that though Tuesday 5/28 is launch day.

Wednesday is movie night 8pm


What’ll it be this week rumors are classic British comedy.

Thursday I am quietly confident streets of london at j street Sacramento will be full of firefighters (no vic ain’t cooking salad) we are proud to support first responders so if you know any 50% off well and draft 6pm to close…
The final Saturday in may is bike month we have city bike works on the patio tinkering with your bike.


Well come on drop by say hi and cook well and ride safe…… chef marty out

Who says chefs are not human beings.?

Good morning world,
Over the last few days on my ramblings around my new adopted beautiful home my eyes have been opened to some wonderful places just off the beaten track. My first find with the aid of my ability to navigate the grid (those who know me know that is so untrue lol) was the historical cemetery just off Broadway (I was trying to get to J st see what I mean pmsl).

20130517-044649.jpg this wonderful shot goes to prove that even in a place that recounts the folks sad life’s beauty abounds.
Also I found the plot that celebrates the fallen firefighters of Sacramento

20130517-045057.jpg right the way back I guess from when the fire department was established. At streets of London we will later this month be celebrating the fire fighters (police, emt and all service personnel) by offering them reduced price drinks and nibble things at Streets in Midtown Sac’to check out www.streetsoflondon.net for more information.

Finally this crazy cat don’t know who he is but check out the coon hat on this dude even in death this guy had a wicked sense of humor


Farmers market under the freeway last Sunday and this apricot chutney from this guy, check out his giggling assistant I never noticed till I was reviewing the photos lol

Don’t think I need many words to describe beauty in produce so here you go.



And finally my favourite piece of art in Sacramento

Hope the week has found you well and you have a great weekend. New menus afoot so watch out for some wicked food.
Eat well ride safe friends …….. Chef Marty out!

Wednesday all seems well

Tonight I am all of a Twitter as its the first movie night of the year at j street streets of london, corn, chips, fries, drink and food specials and if Amazon pull out their fingers a cracking movie guaranteed. Starts 8/8.30pm.

Specials today in west Sacramento are;
Carrot abd cilantro soup
Tuna nicois wrap with fries
Javier’s famous citrus salad..

West Sacramento also has a seasonal market menu. Fresh vibrant produce delivered with pride cooked with passion.


So last night I caned 26 miles out but today I suffer with cramp. Still no pain no gain .


Finally the 1st draft of the menu should be done for ians approval today. Signature starter watch for updates.


Right back to work. Live well ,cook amazingly ride safe

Monday morning love it


Well gang this is me Martin “marty” Hutton exec chef Streets of london group, the random English bloke behind the menu which is going to change soon in both locations, got some wicked dishes and this little beauty our new signature appertiser “shrimp salad Street style”.


This week we will be presenting our first movie night of the year on Wednesday evening 8pm and this weeks feature will be breaking out with Dennis Quaid a classic cycling movie with it being bike month here in Sac’to.
At our west Sacramento location another brilliant market menu from chef Denise reflecting the multi cultural kitchen we have.
Today this is what went into the soup.


Cook well and ride safe http://www.streetsoflondon.net

Sunday the chefs repast

Ahhhhhh tis the chefs day of rest and time to reflect on the week.

What a week this has been for the crazy crew at streets of London in Sacramento ……. Forthcoming events include a movie night which will have a cycling theme on Wednesday 5/15 starting at 8pm in the back patio.

20130512-055232.jpg I know it’s hard to imagine but it makes a cracking ride in movie theatre. Popcorn and cocktails plus some cracking craft beers too boot.
All next week we have our express lunch menu at $7 with abridged dishes off our main menu www.streetsoflondon.net served 11-6 Monday thru to Friday.
Bike month is in full swing and at streets we pride ourself in offering the very securest location for cycling groups, spin round to the rear garden ride in and you and your steed can bath in beautiful afternoon sunshine whilst imbibing one of our mouth watering libations or craft beers.
Time to indulge my cycling alter ego with these photos:


At our streets of London site in west Sacramento a proud moment this week, my senior kitchen manager Miss Denise Gutierrez passionately produced her first market menu that reflects her pride and skill to present wonderful food at an amazing price point. She has just texted me the new menu for this week and if I were you I’d get over there Monday night and get me some of Chef Denise’s market menu before it sells out. Once her personal assistant (me lol) has typed it up I will upload it.
We are also proud to announce two other events:
Thursday Foosball ……. A round robin knock out with some random prizes.
Coming soon a night to recognise the outstanding contribution to our well being and safety. We are hosting a 911 call out night extending a warm welcome and discount to fire, police, emt, air traffic controllers lol and service personnel of all shapes and form……. Watch this space.
Ok day off commence Chef Marty out….. Cook well and ride safe.